SANDBOX - Startup program by DTEC

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Application Process

Step 1: Submit your application form via the "Start Your Application" button below

Step 2: At this point we want to get to know you better. You’ll be invited to a call with the SANDBOX team

Step 3: The final stage is pitching to our Selection Committee

What are we
looking for?

- Team of 2+ full-time founders preferable (but we also consider exceptional solo-founders!)

- UAE-based technology-driven startup solving a unique problem with a scalable business model

- Addressable market in MENA with a nexus to Dubai

- MVP to seed-stage, seeking to raise funds in the next 12 months

- Any evidence of early-traction will give you an edge

Tips to make your application stand out

1. Be genuine and transparent "We don't expect you to have everything figured out already. It is important that we can accurately understand which stage you are at, and where you intend to go."

2. Be concise with your pitch deck "At this stage, 10 slides or so should be enough to tell a compelling story. We have plenty of resources here to help you build your pitch deck."

3. Show us your product, but... "We like to play around with products or see demos, but again, keep it to the point. We want to see how intuitive your product is, and how well it solves the problem."

4. Why you? Why SANDBOX? “Highlight your motivations for joining the program, as well as your ambitions. Tell us how the world looks different with your solution in it.”

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